21 March 2008

Twilight Oz Fairy - Vintage Photographs

Just a quick post showing the source of the image I have made entitled "Twilight Oz Fairy". I bought these two vintage photographs from Australia, I was expecting one image, to my delight two turned up. If you look at the girl dressed as a fairy/rabbit outfit, she is also in the other image of the two little girls (far right)! - how wonderful!

I have not manipulated the image with the two sisters yet, I am sure I will in the future.

18 March 2008

New Image - Just Finished - Alouette & Avila

I have just finished this image, I thought I would post it before I changed my mind. I have been working on it, on and off, for weeks. This is another image of Alouette and Avila, the birdy twins. They do very little, apart from waiting and watching, the ever present crow soars above, he is also watching....

17 March 2008

Vintage Postcards

I said I would share a few of the beautiful postcards I collect. I will post these on a regular basis, as I have said previously, I use parts of these postcards in my image making. I used the egg (bottom left image) in the image (far right) - "Alouette and Avila - The Egg Watchers".

I am working on a series of images with these twins - the birdy girls. I should have another image ready within days.

The girl's name Alouette \alo(uet)-te\ is of French origin, and it means "lark". The girl's name Avila \a-vi-la\ is of Old German origin. I think these names are appropriate for these mysterious creatures!

16 March 2008

Am I Out There?

Just a short post. Am I out there? I cannot seem to find this blog anywhere on the internet, if you see me please leave a comment!

Attached is a wonderful vintage postcard of a charming lady. I am using a lot of wings in my images at the moment, this is one image which I look at for inspiration. Take a peek at my ETSY shop!!

That is all for now...