10 April 2008


This is the latest image I finished it this afternoon. This little lady is playing peek-a-boo.

I have been asked a lot where do I get my vintage photographs from. Mainly from Ebay, and very occasionally local second hand shops (or thrift stores). The image I used for Peek-a-Boo I have had for over a year. I was working on two other images and not getting very far, so I started to play around with this photograph and three days later and a lot of hard work, an image.

This image is on sale in my etsy shop.

7 April 2008

Lots of lovely vintage photographs

I received £20.00 for Easter, instead of an easter egg! I decided to add to my collection of vintage photographs and postcards, so I brought 10 postcards for @ £2.00 each from a very nice gentleman on Ebay. The two sisters, where from another etsy seller.

I adore both images! I have called the top photograph, Art Deco Fairy, as I will probably put wings on her! I am working on a digital collage incorporating her, at the moment. However, it is proofing to be difficult. I will try and finish it this week and post it here. Also, it will probably go into my etsy shop - the link is in the sidebar.
I am also working on incorporating the two sisters into a digital collage. Again, my creative juices are not firing at 100%!
Just before I go, I have just put some of my images on Flickr, I have had some great feedback - which has given be confidence to continue.... until the next time.