9 May 2008

New Image - Nainsi (Irish Spelling)

Hello, this is just a quick post to let you see my latest digital collage! I have been busy this week and have managed to finish two images. Again, I am working on the theme of human/bird hybrids - I started off with a vintage postcard; the dress was the inspiration for this piece of work - the rest of it just fell into place. I wanted to put something around her neck,; but was unable to decide what - so I have left it for now.
I will put her on in my Etsy shop and on Flickr.

6 May 2008

The Mimics - New Image

This is my latest offering - I have called this image "The Mimics" - it is based on ideas which can be found in folklore and mythology pertaining to shapeshifting, that is that animals; in this image hares, are "tricksters" ie. they transform and take on human form. Once again, I am using the Endicott blog for reference - Terry Winding has written a very informative article on this subject (see link). It is worth a read and the images used are wonderful.
I have listed this image in my Etsy Shop - you can also view it on Flickr!

4 May 2008

Wonderful Vintage Postcards

Just a quick post - I want to share with you, two postcards I purchased recently from Ebay. They both have a theatrical theme, featuring boys and girls. To me they are like ying & yang - they are meant to be together! I hope you like them... and agree with me! I am sure they will be inspiration for future digital collages and you will see them in my etsy shop!
I am working on a collage at the moment; again it is on the using a hare - I am looking at the symbology of three hares in mythology and shape-shifting. Look in again and I will post the finished image.