15 March 2008

OOAK Charm Bracelets

I thought I would share some of my charm bracelets with you. Please excuse the poor images, I took them with a very old digital camera! They do, however, give you an idea of what I make. I have a couple of bracelets listed in my ETSY shop.

I started to make these bracelets in January 2007, after I had an unexpected operation, which left me out of action for all of 2007. As I could not persue my first passion, photography, I decided I would try and stay occupied - it had to be something I could do sitting down, I had seen people on Ebay making outragious and wonderful bracelets, so I thought I would give it a go. By making these bracelets I have also discovered a passion for beads. That is all for now. In my next post, I will share some of the vintage postcards and photographs I collect and use in my images....

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